Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tastes like Kit Kats

"Mom, Mom, MOM!  I need to eat a bug," Ian declared.  Not one to interfere with the needs of my children, I told him to go ahead and find one in the back yard and eat up.  "No, Mom.  It has to be a clean bug."  No problem.  Just catch something in the back yard and come wash it in the sink before you swallow it down.  "No, Mom," his exasperation growing by the minute.  "You have to give me permission!"  I just did, Ian.  Eat a bug.  I don't care!  Obviously we are not on the same wave length.  "I need to have this experience in my life, Mom.  You have to write a permission slip so I can eat a bug in science class."

I wrote a permission slip that basically said I don't care what my child eats.  And then I waited.  When he came off the bus the next day I asked if he ate a bug.  Nope.  Ian let me know that 11 kids had to sign up before the eating could begin because that is how many bugs come in the package.  I asked how many other kids had brought permission slips from home.  Only 1.  I figured it would be a while if ever for Ian to eat a bug, and so it left my mind.

Fast forward about two weeks and Ian came bounding off the bus.  Running full steam until he collided with my legs nearly knocking us both down.  Then he pointed proudly to the pin on his chest.  "I ate a bug club"  And began talking at the speed of light.  "Mom, I ate a bug today.  (A chocolate covered cricket).  I was the very first kid in my class to eat it.  Everyone watched as I took a bite and started rubbing my stomach and saying, 'mmm, mmm' It tasted just like a Kit Kat.  Oh, and I made another kid throw up."  Wait, what?  Apparently the other little boy was so grossed out by the idea of happily eating a bug that he tossed his cookies.  Much to the pleasure of Ian. 

Oh and for additional proof, Ian brought home the packaging.  I laughed out loud at the content label.  Awesome!  One oven roasted cricket.  That makes it so much better.  But only 30 calories, I'm guessing that is a lot less than a Kit Kat, so maybe we will all be snacking on chocolate covered crickets soon.


The Stringers said...

Awesome. So awesome. What a bonus (in his mind) that he made some other kid puke. We are so similar in our style of parenting it's funny sometimes. Just last week Blake insisted he didn't want his eggs cooked... I said fine, washed the egg, handed it to him and sent him outside. Naturally since it was his idea he ate it and said it was good. I thought it was a pretty quick breakfast.

Mardi said...

What an awesome kid!

Elsha said...

That is just so great!

Megs said...

It sounds like there is never a dull moment at your house. Ian is a crack up. My son would be the one throwing up. That is hilarious.

Brimaca said...

As always, that kid is awesome.

emblair said...

"I made another kid throw up." I LOVE IT!

SRUN POR said...

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